Monday, October 7, 2013

"MIKE"? TRY "MR. WALLACE." WE WORK IN THE SAME CORPORATION; DOESN'T MEAN WE WORK IN THE SAME PROFESSION Christopher Plummer talks with the AV Club about his roles, including The Sound of Music: "[It's] become a great film. It’s just not my cup of tea. It was very difficult—very difficult—to play. To get rid of any hint of a sense of humor was hard stuff! We were walking on eggshells. But I do hope there was a twinkle sometimes."


  1. 1. You know, it's hard to be associated so closely with just one role, but parts like the Klingon warrior Chang just don't come along that frequently.

    2. He's really terrific in Beginners, which I think was an underrated gem (and I know it won awards; it was underrated even if respected).

  2. lisased7:55 AM

    I was surprised they didn't mention Beginners, seeing as he finally won the Oscar for it.