Friday, October 25, 2013

HE'S BURNT UP LIKE A WEENIE AND HIS NAME IS FRED!  Empire Magazine attempts to rank the 666 greatest horror film characters of all time. Based on my scan of the index, The Exorcist, The Omen, and The Shining tie for the lead with six characters from each listed.


  1. Joseph Finn10:36 AM

    Peter from Dawn of the Dead at #6? Empire, now I know you've been thinking about this since Peter's just an essential that no one seems to remember as well as he deserves. Good representation of Japanese horror as well with Sadako and Asami on there. Also, bonus points for #220, The Hermit.

  2. Jordan11:44 AM

    If Ash isn't top five...[checks list]...#1, nice! and severed appendages at 123 and 600-something. We're cool, Empire.

  3. Adam C.12:01 PM

    And nice to see Bub from DayOTD recognized. That said, Ben from NOTLD deserves a higher spot than Rhoads from DayOTD

  4. Joseph Finn12:04 PM

    Everyone, including the annoying brother, from NOTLD, should be ranked highers than anyone from DayOTD.

  5. Adam C.1:03 PM

    Bub excepted, I'd agree. But Day gets less credit than it deserves - it's clearly the least of the three core Romeros, but it's also a lot better than most of the zombie films the original trilogy inspired. And Savini's FX work was outstandingly gruesome.

  6. Joseph Finn1:04 PM

    BTW, I saw Romero's "Martin" a couple of weeks ago at a horror fest; besides being great, it's worth seeing for Savini's 1977 helmet hair.

  7. Adam C.1:19 PM

    Haven't seen that in a long time - due for a rewatch. Meantime, if you haven't seen Savini in Romero's "Knightriders," you should.
    Small world fact: my first office job was working in the mailroom of a Tampa law firm; one of the secretaries was Savini's ex-wife!

  8. Joseph Finn1:20 PM

    Knightriders is due for a reevaulation. It's a weird, interesting movie. Plus, Stephen and Tabitha King cameos as yokels!