Monday, October 21, 2013

THAT'LL BE IN MY MIND FOR THE REST OF THE DAY:  Hey, people who aren't caught up on The Good Wife yet? Especially after last night, get moving—and next week is what one of the actors has already called their "Red Wedding" episode.

The line for Best Supporting Actress-Drama now forms behind Christine Baranski.


  1. It's going to be a crazy competitive category next year--Baranski, Gunn, and Brandt all seem locked in already, and we haven't seen what Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Downton Abbey offer for this eligibility period.

  2. That was a spectacular episode, start to finish. It takes something special in a Good Wife episode that features Carrie Preston for me to think something other than Carrie Preston was the best thing in it - and that was Baranski last night. Man, that final scene.
    CBS has been hyping the bejeezus out of next week's episode for WEEKS now. I can't remember the last time I'd seen advertising along the lines of "And then on October 27...", when there were still 2 or 3 episodes to air BEFORE that.

  3. Marsha11:17 AM

    I watch TGW with a friend each week (We've been watching Sunday night TV together for years - it really is incredible how much good TV is/has been on that night.)

    Exchange last night:

    Me: I want to walk like Christine Baranski.

    Her: Well, she's Christine Baranski. You're not.

    We've come a long way from my early complaints about this show being too much about the firm and not enough about the cheated-on-wife plotline...

  4. Jordan11:37 AM

    I don't watch the show, so really I just want to discuss a point of language/tv culture. Is "Red Wedding Episode" now a thing? Because I thought the actual Red Wedding was clearly a "Pelecanos Episode."

  5. Devin McCullen1:13 PM

    Let me start by saying that Baranski was great last night, and that the show in general is in top form. I can't wait for next week's episode.

    But I really though last night was suffering from Guest Star Overload. They teased us about Elsbeth & David Lee interacting for the first time, and then dropped it. And the Eli/Jackie plot could have been dropped with no problem.

    And the actual case was a mess. I don't understand why the paralegal sued them, I don't understand how we're supposed to wave away Cary making jerk-off motions & playing seeing-someone-naked pranks, and I don't understand why Kalinda didn't end the whole thing a lot sooner. Oh, and don't even get me started on the jackass who wanted to get his bonus repaid.

  6. Adam B.1:30 PM

    Can we talk about Jackie for a minute? Because I thought she was suffering from dementia and boffing her male nurse when last we spent time with her. Have both situations changed?

    I do agree -- that episode didn't need Eli at all. Didn't have Peter or the kids already.

  7. I'm working on catching my girlfriend up, having just recently caught up myself (sick days). This show is amazepants. I love Elsbeth something fierce, but I hope the walking machine thing dies away because I liked her better when the kinetic energy was all inside the body. When she was walking in place without the machine I thought she was just doing a pee dance or something, until I figured out the callback. Too good a character to turn into a circus.