Tuesday, October 22, 2013

IS THE WATER WARM ENOUGH?  IndieWire's weekly critics survey features a good compilation of great soundtracks/scores attached to relatively lousy films.


  1. Joseph Finn9:16 AM

    Lots of weird choices for supposed lousy films, but Mike McGranaghan is damn right in pointing out that for all their faults, whomever put together the soundtracks for the Twilight movies was really good at selecting bands and tracks.

  2. bill.9:53 AM

    Under the Cherry Moon. unlike "Purple Rain," there is nothing enjoyable about the movie

  3. Joseph Finn11:36 AM

    Pawing through my soundtracks, I find some more:

    Glenn Yarbrough's songs for The Return of the King (the animated version).

    Marc Shaiman's work for the terrible Team America: World Police.

    Sucker Punch. Terrible movie with some lovely covers.

    Cold Mountain