Monday, November 18, 2013

BEFORE THE NEXT CLUE STANDS A DOORKEEPER. TO THIS DOOR-KEEPER THERE COMES A MAN FROM THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS AND PRAYS FOR ADMITTANCE TO THE NEXT CLUE:  Next season of The Amazing Race is an All-Star season, with three returning teams from far enough back that it was when I was still avidly watching.


  1. Fine with seeing the Cowboys and Globetrotters back (though third chances for them? Really?), but the others (especially Margie and Luke) leave me cold.

  2. Eric J.4:39 PM

    I probably won't watch again unless they team up Colin and the Broken Ox.

  3. Adam C.10:14 AM

    One thing that jumps out: Is there precedent for a team of returning racers who previously raced with other partners? I guess we might also assume that the listed team that is currently racing on our teevees does not win S23.

  4. Adam B.10:28 AM

    The team which won the first all-star season (Eric and Danielle) had previously raced with other partners during the same season.

  5. Andrew11:09 AM

    If they're bringing back 3 teams from the last All-Stars season, why not go back into earlier seasons?

    Why are Mallory and Mark teamed up? What relationship do they have?

    The only team of these I would actually want to see back on the race is Dave and Connor. I wonder how much of the casting is based on which teams are famewhorey enough to desperately want to be back (Big Brother, Afghanimals, YouTube) or the ones that the producers think the audience wants to see again.

  6. Adam C.11:38 AM

    Had forgotten that -- but I suppose E&D might say their relationship was forged during the original season in which they competed. Mallory and Mark were on different seasons, and it would appear to the uninitiated that their relationship is that they're from the same home state (or that their original partners each couldn't return/weren't interested in returning).