Saturday, November 16, 2013

LE QUARTIER ANACOSTIA N’EST PAS RECOMMANDABLE DE JOUR COMME DE NUIT:  Are you traveling to the United States? Are you French?  Your government has some advice for you.  (HT: WaPo.)


  1. Joseph Finn1:36 PM

    Hell, the Chicago advice is fairly solid based on crime data.

  2. bill.4:36 PM

    Atlanta: "be vigilant in isolated city center (downtown) after the close of business and focus on taxi rides at night areas."

    Pretty much copy and paste that for any town you know little about and would get easily lost in.

  3. Governor Squid12:47 PM

    There's two things I'd like to see: 1) the equivalent pages for Paris and Marseilles, and 2) an entry for Minneapolis that says "Wear a heavy coat."

  4. Benner1:20 PM

    Chicago : avoid the West Side and the south of the city after 59th Street."

    Yeah, France, we don't want you in the law school either.

  5. Benner1:21 PM

    anyone scroll down to the part about avoiding sharque attaques?

  6. Adam B.2:21 PM

    You mean, this?

    "Political violence in Paris and throughout France is relatively uncommon, although there are occasional instances of extremely large demonstrations simultaneously occurring in many French cities. Large demonstrations in Paris are generally managed by a strong police presence, but even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence. We recommend that U.S. citizens avoid demonstrations if possible, and exercise caution if within the vicinity of any demonstrations. The congestion caused by large demonstrations can cause serious inconveniences for a visitor on a tight schedule. Some sporting events, such as soccer matches, have occasionally degenerated into violence that continued into the streets....

    "rime in Paris is similar to that in most large cities. Violent crime is relatively uncommon in the city center, but women should exercise extra caution when out alone at night, and should consider traveling out at night with trusted companions. There has been an increase in reported sexual harassment, and sometimes assault, by taxi drivers.

    Pickpockets are by far the most significant problem. In addition to purses and wallets, smart phones and small electronic devices are particular targets. In Paris, pickpockets are commonly children under the age of 16 because they are difficult to prosecute. Pickpockets are very active on the rail link (RER B) from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the city center. Travelers may want to consider using a shuttle service or one of the express buses to central Paris rather than the RER. In addition, passengers on metro Line 1, which traverses the city center from east to west and services many major tourist sites, are often targeted. A common method is for one thief to distract the tourist with questions or disturbances, while an accomplice picks pockets, a backpack, or a purse. Schemes in Paris include asking if you would sign a petition or take a survey, and presenting a ring and asking if you dropped it. Thieves often time their pickpocket attempts to coincide with the closing of the automatic doors on the metro, leaving the victim secured on the departing train. Many thefts also occur at the major department stores (e.g., Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and Le Bon Marché), where tourists may leave wallets, passports, and credit cards on cashier counters during transactions. Popular tourist sites are also popular with thieves, who favor congested areas to mask their activities. The crowded elevators at the Eiffel Tower, escalators at museums such as the Louvre, and the area surrounding Sacré Coeur Basilica in Montmartre are all favored by pickpockets and snatch-and-grab thieves.

    There have been some instances of tourists being robbed and assaulted near less utilized metro stations. The area around the Moulin Rouge, known as Pigalle, requires extra security precautions to avoid becoming a victim. Pigalle is an adult entertainment area known for prostitution, sex shows, and illegal drugs. Unsuspecting tourists have run up exorbitant bar bills and been forced to pay before being permitted to leave. Other areas in Paris where extra security precautions are warranted after dark are Les Halles and the Bois de Boulogne" (there's more)

  7. Governor Squid4:23 PM

    Well, I meant French advice for visitors, but I suppose that'll do. Now, about that winter coat thing...

  8. girard316:53 PM

    Did I read that wrong or did they tell me to avoid Philadelphia if I'm in DC?