Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WHATCHU TALKIN' 'BOUT, WILLIS TOWER?  The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (yes, this is actually a thing) has ruled that the feature on the top of the new One World Trade Center is a "spire" and not an "antenna," thus allowing that building (once it opens) to overtake Chicago's Willis Tower as the tallest building in the US. 


  1. Joseph Finn11:57 AM

    We have a building called "Willis" here? That seems improbable. And no, spires didn't count for Malaysia and they don't count here.

  2. Adam B.1:02 PM

    If you remember from my comprehensive survey, NYT style says: "What’choo," though the AP is indeed "Whatchu" and the WaPo "What'chu".

  3. The Pathetic Earthling1:11 PM

    I tend to agree that the height ought to be judged from occupyable space, but defending the Sears Tower on its view of the landscape? Come now, your Honor. You can see 45 miles from the Skydeck and the highest point visible is maybe 900' ASL, 400' higher than the Lake. This is not "landscape" it is a mathematical plane.