Monday, November 11, 2013

SHADE, SHE THREW: Angela Lansbury may be 88, but that doesn't mean she can't be a little upset about NBC's proposed Murder, She Wrote reboot.  (And I kind of agree--detective show starring Octavia Spencer as an amateur sleuth sounds like a fine idea, but no Jessica Fletcher and it's not Murder, She Wrote.)


  1. Joseph Finn10:50 AM

    So at least she's not saying that Octavia Spencer can't play America's worst serial killer?

  2. Benner3:08 PM

    Cabot Cove, highest crime rate in America.

  3. Tara Kennedy2:39 PM

    I confess, I haven't read a lot about the reboot, but is there any reason to believe the reboot wouldn't feature Cabot Cove?