Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ARE YOU GOOFIN' ON ELVIS?  So, apparently, at Monday night's Andy Kaufman Awards, Kaufman's brother alleged that Andy faked his own death in 1984, and introduced Andy's "daughter."

ETA:  Yep, hoax


  1. Adam C.10:03 PM

    The most brilliant detail: the alleged daughter claims to be 24; do the math.

  2. The claim is that Kaufman married and fathered the daughter after faking his own death.

  3. Adam C.10:18 PM

    No, I get that -- that's why it's a brilliant detail.

  4. christy in nyc9:54 AM

    Assuming she's not really related to Kaufman, (and of course the whole point is we can't know for sure), the casting of the woman is quite good, too, at least going from that one photo.