Friday, December 20, 2013

A PACKET OF STEVIA, A CYTRON CARD, A SCREWDRIVER, AND A Q-TIP:  Twelve memorable objects from the year in televison.


  1. Joseph Finn2:14 PM

    I'd have gone with the chain mail in the Red Wedding instead of the knife. That moment when Cat flips open the goodness.

  2. Jordan2:50 PM

    Read the article, then clicked on the comments to say the exact same thing. The knife is the end. The chain mail is the moment it all comes together.

  3. I know some here are quite fond of the Stevia packet, but, for my money, the machine gun was the much more significant object on Breaking Bad. Who is it for? How does he get to that place? What's going to happen with it?

  4. Randy3:14 PM

    Ugh, the machine gun. I stand by my belief that introducing the gun the flash-forward in "Live Free Or Die" was the big mistake that Vince Gilligan made in the series. I can't help but think the finale would have been dramatically different (and, in all likelihood, better) if that gun hadn't been introduced 15 episodes earlier. This show, which had spent 4.5 seasons being SO SMART about how and when it used violence and its consequences, deserved A LOT better than that ridiculous shoot out at the Nazi compound. I am not a crackpot.

  5. Randy3:17 PM

    Objects on this season of Mad Men that were better than Don's childhood house:
    - Peggy's cat.
    - the new staircase in the SC&P offices, and Pete tripping down it.
    - the hilariously vulgar wallpaper in Ted's office.

  6. Jordan3:24 PM

    Speaking of screwdrivers, do Peter Capaldi's eyes count?

  7. The Pathetic Earthling5:04 PM

    Speaking of objects, WHERE! ARE! MY! DRAGONS!?

  8. Eric J.8:21 PM

    Better than Peggy's cat, Peggy's spear.

  9. bill.8:55 PM

    I so hope that in the Pacific Rim sequel they give the robots machine guns.

  10. Well, if they do, you can bet that Randy and I won't know about it unless we hear it from others.