Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MOTHER, MAY I SLEEP IN AND NOT WATCH THE TODAY SHOW?  Lifetime is hard at work on a TV movie based on Top of The Morning, Brian Stelter's portrait of the most recent battles in the morning show wars, and I'm sure you can come up with some solid (and Lifetime-appropriate) casting choices for major players like Ann Curry, Matt Lauer, and Robin Roberts.


  1. Joseph Finn1:06 PM

    Ann Curry: Ming Na comes to mind (close in age, good actress). If we're going for a less serious take on it, Carrie Ann Inaba.

    Matt Lauer: Bryan Cranston, or the Lifetime equivalent. So basically Joel Gretsch.

    Robin Roberts: Aisha Hinds from Dollhouse, Star Trek and a billion other things.

  2. sconstant1:08 PM

    What's Ann Curry doing?

  3. Roger1:29 PM

    I clicked on the comments specifically to suggest Cranston. :)

  4. Joseph Finn1:35 PM

    Negotiating with someone willing to use her talents properly after her NBC contract expires?

  5. sconstant1:42 PM

    Awesome - if she's mostly free, she could totally play herself. Or Matt Lauer, I guess; that might be an interesting casting move.

  6. bill.1:50 PM

    Lucy Liu, John Malkovich, Kerry Washington