Thursday, December 19, 2013

WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET ME BE? More from Saray:
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Last night's episode of The Sing-Off gave us movie themes (I didn't check, but we're assuming all of these songs are Sony songs or NBC Universal movies, right? Because if not, that would be a missed opportunity by the NBC execs.) They announced at the top of the show that all six groups remaining would compete in the Ultimate Sing-Off, which basically just meant "hey let's let these two groups sing together and come up with an excuse." That was okay, though, as it gave us two phenomenal group mashups, and also an additional only ok mashup with VoicePlay and the acoUstiKats.

The show sent home two groups last night: acoUstiKats (finally) and VoicePlay (frustrating to me, but I hear the rest of you when you say you weren't thrilled by them.) I'll have a full recap of Wednesday's show on Friday, and a full recap of Thursday's show over the weekend. In the meantime, please feel free to discuss Wednesday's show here.

And, in the spirit of sharing good a cappella with you all, take a look at the new YouTube video released this week by The Riveters, a new semi-pro a cappella group founded by Lisa Forkish, the teacher at Oakland School of the Arts who directs Vocal Rush. Featuring my favorite, Sarah Vela, as well as Courtney Jensen on VP (you may remember her from BYU Noteworthy or the VoCals on previous Sing-Off seasons), this cover of "Jolene" really hits home what can be wonderful about all-female a cappella.


  1. victoria12:32 PM

    I was sad to see VoicePlay go. Of the groups that would seem to have had a legitimate chance to win (them, the Filharmonics, and Home Free) they were my favorite -- the only one of those three that tends to feel honest. I didn't like their first performance and I thought this week's was not great, but I loved their other two.

    One of TEN/Vocal Rush *has* to go tonight, right? I'd love to see them both make the finale, but I think they're too similar for the judges to let them both through. :(. That was a hell of a battle round with them.

    On the topic of Home Free running away with this: search for "Sing-Off" in iTunes, then sort the results by popularity. Wow.

  2. Marsha12:51 PM

    Thanks for sending along the Riveters video - fantastic. I've said in this forum before that anyone who says that they don't like female a cappella just hasn't heard the good stuff.

    I continue to believe that the success of all-female groups is directly tied to their song choices. Some stuff needs a thumping deep base. Some stuff doesn't. Jolene is just perfect, and I love this arrangement.

    (Oh, and I was fine seeing VoicePlay go - I finally figured out that I just don't like Honey's solo voice, and it's pretty much all they use. And how dreamy was that version of Against All Odds? Swoon!)

  3. I was okay seeing VoicePlay go - not my favorite. But I really don't understand the love for HomeFree. I don't think their arrangements are very good and they always sound so THIN to me - something is missing in the middle, though I suspect that's because of arrangements, not voices. I continue to love Vocal Rush - I'd like to see them win it, but I'm doubtful.

    I thought of your recaps at the very top of the show when Nick Lachey introduced the judges as Ben - the Brain - Jewel - the Beauty - and Shawn - the Vocal Muscle (huh?). SERIOUSLY?

  4. victoria9:05 PM

    At least tonight we got to see a.) a montage including the Filharmonics working out; b.) a piece with Home Free at a spa; and c.) Nick Lachey described as "pretty."

  5. Genevieve10:39 PM

    That Riveters video is fan-frickin-tastic. What an arrangement! What voices!

    Perfectly happy with the outcome of Wednesday's. I'm with Anne in also not being crazy about Home Free.

  6. I haven't watched the show yet, but this makes me happy!