Friday, January 24, 2014

HANX FOR THE MEMORIES:  Before you go ahead with your own life, surely you have eleven minutes today to watch Adam Scott, Paul Rudd, and a cast of notables create The Greatest Moment in Television History.  (This experience is gonna make a great book.)


  1. Adam B.10:07 AM

    I wanted to see all the failed attempts at the stoop catch. (And more of the making-of in general.)

  2. Adam C.11:04 AM

    Me too, but they went heavy into (faux) "making of" territory with the Too Close For Comfort one last fall, so I can understand going without that here.

  3. Allegedly, they ran out of money/time--this was the longest opening they've recreated, but the shortest leadup segment. I did miss not having an appearance from the ghost of Jon Hamm.