Friday, March 28, 2014

GENE KRUPA OUT, LIBERTY DEVITTO IN:  There has been a backlash to SiriusXM's decision to replace its Music of the 1940s station with an All-Billy Joel Station.


  1. Joseph Finn3:56 PM

    What I just posted on their FB:

    What the heck, Sirius? 4 is the 40's channel; put the Billy Joel in some other slot so we can enjoy both. You have a gazillion sports channels you can shift around easily.

  2. Benner4:35 PM

    "Sir, we only play '40s Joel."

  3. I actually listened to a bit of the Joel channel Wednesday night. What'd be logical is to keep 40s music on 4 and replace the American Standards/Sinatra channel with Joel. Keep it with the music channels without having it stuck between random slots (another logical drop would be "Extreme sports Music" channel, but that'd put Billy Joel between metal and reggae).

  4. Realistically, I'm betting their contract with one of the other 24/7 stations (they have Springsteen/Grateful Dead/Elvis/Pearl Jam 24/7 channels as well as "Margaritaville Radio," which isn't all Buffett, but...) is coming up and they're testing to see what other folks might have the audience/catalog to support a 24/7 channel, and Joel's gotta be at the top of a very short list for that.

  5. Joseph Finn6:11 PM

    I'll note that Sirius is getting HAMMERED on their Facebook page right now. Bet they thought the 40s fans were going to be the quiet ones, eh?

  6. Watchman1261:08 PM

    So I guess in this case Sirius "did" start the fire?