Friday, April 25, 2014

BOBBY KNIGHT RANGER: That was some damn satisfying television last night.


  1. It was an awesome season finale, with the Letters to Cleo sighting, the Bobby Knight Ranger appearance, the Duke Silver coming-out party and the hologram of Li'l Sebastian. It perhaps would have worked even better as a series finale. I'm interested in seeing how this flash-forward will work next season.

  2. Marsha11:04 AM

    Bobby Knight Ranger made me ridiculously happy. I have no idea why. Perhaps it was that I didn't get the joke from the song and the outfits, and then it was just so, so perfect when Andy announced it.

    And the rest of the episode was just wonderful. All those glorious callbacks, none of which felt forced. And the time jump is going to be fun (though I am sad that this show lacks a flashback structure that would allow us to see a little bit of what Leslie Knope is like pregnant).

    Cones of Dunshire!!!

  3. Adam B.11:59 AM

    I also want there be a recurring joke in 2017 that someone's always standing in front of the picture of the President which appears in all federal offices, so we don't know if it's Knope-fave Biden or Knope-fave Hillary (or, okay, someone else).

  4. Duvall5:25 PM

    From a story angle it might be better to have Knope have to deal with political appointees and new policies from an incoming anti-conservation administration.

  5. Jenn C11:11 PM

    So, so many great scenes, but "Quakson 5" made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe.

  6. Ralph9:22 AM

    Just okay for me, kinda like the entire season.

    At least the Decemberists help offset the grotesque appearance of Michele Obama.

  7. Roger3:32 PM

    This show makes me so ridiculously happy.