Friday, April 25, 2014

IT'S THE ONE YOU WON'T FORGET:  Dallas' NPR affiliate catches up with the guy who played the harmonica line that turned into the backbone of the massive Ke$ha/Pitbull hit Timber


  1. bill.8:01 AM

    Nice, but for harmonica solos it's no Whammer Jammer.

    If you like this sort of thing, check out Tangle Eye's "Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed." Title is accurate -- studio producers took a handful of Alan Lomax field recordings and remixed them. There's some nice results in there.

    Heaven is my favorite.

  2. Marsha10:27 PM

    Funny - I can't stand Kesha's voice or the PitBull parts, so every time I hear that song on the radio, I listen to the intro, enjoy a few bars of the harmonica part, and then switch the station... nice to know there's an excellent session musician behind the only part of the song I can stand.

  3. bill.2:10 PM

    So I went out to youtube and listened to it. It's not horrible, though it would be a lot less catchy without the harmonica. For me, the really distracting part was Kesha gasping for breath while singing. No idea what she was going for but she sounded like me after I run the 4 flights of stairs at work.

    another cultural musical mashup, Uncle Earl's clogging/kung fu epic Streak O’ Lean, Streak O’ Fat

  4. bill.2:31 PM

    one more? Best use of a banjo in a Ukranian rap song has to be Stereoliza's Corporate Logic. Man, I love this song. I don't why.