Sunday, June 29, 2014

SURVEY SAYS:  Having completed this year's Western Excursion with the girls (more on San Diego and Anza-Borrego soon), I couldn't help but wonder: which amenity would you rather have while flying—JetBlue's thirty-some channels of live tv (got to watch a good deal of the World Cup today), or relatively cheap wifi?  Does it matter how long the flight is?

[Note: asking for yourself only; when traveling with kids, it has to be the live tv, right? Even if it means seeing one's daughter marathoning Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" series. (Spoiler Alert: they haven't found him yet.)]


  1. christy in nyc11:34 PM

    The wifi is rarely strong enough to stream video so that's makes TV the easy choice. Passive entertainment on a plane. But also on planes I don't like to just do what I would be doing on my couch (browse internet, watch the shows I'd normally watch) me that seems to emphasize how I'm SO NOT on my couch. My JetBlue holy grails are marathons of Whale Wars or Millionaire Matchmaker.

    (I scoff so much watching Finding Bigfoot that no one can stand to watch it with me! I would feel bad about this, but it is 100% involuntary).

  2. Joseph Finn11:51 PM

    WiFi, easily. I can browse in between reading my book.

  3. For me it's easily WiFi unless there's something going on in real-time that I want to follow on TV. (I was on a flight the night of one of the important primaries during the Obama/Hillary face-off, and was never so glad to have in-flight tv.) I actually think WiFi would now be the preference of my 10-year-old as well -- the opportunity to play Clash of Clans while chatting with her friends would be quite appealing.

  4. Wifi, because I bring movies and e-books with me

  5. sconstant9:52 AM

    Live TV? I haven't watched it in a while - does it still have commercials? I assume so, and so I wouldn't pick it for my kids over a good selection of on-demand content. For me: wifi.

  6. WiFi FTW

  7. bristlesage3:35 PM

    TV, largely because I don't always want to be connected to the great wide world. It's nice to be up there 35,000 feet where no one can bother me.

    Also, because most of what I watch on TV live are live sports, and live sport on TV + book = hours just fly by.