Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE ELSE WILL WIN:  Travis Waldron's flowchart helps you figure out which World Cup quarterfinalist to root for now.


  1. Benner8:59 PM

    I got Germany, so argument invalid. I can't root against France on 4 July. If it weren't for the French navy in securing American independence, we'd all be speaking English. I

  2. Joseph Finn9:13 PM

    The Netherlands, which is correct.

  3. Benner9:47 PM

    Not only are the Dutch a bunch of dirty cheats, but they mady me feel temporary pangs of sympathy for Rafa Marquez. I got them the second time, so this thing is really, really bad. I mean, it's ok if you go in completely ignorant of what's happened to the tournament, the club teams of the players, and more importantly, agnostic about the fact there are different countries invovled! - or is that what makes it great clickbait.

  4. The Pathetic Earthling10:19 AM

    I'm rooting Costa Rica, then Colombia, then for an infinite loop of penalty kicks.

    That said, I wouldn't really mind the realistic chance for a Netherlands-Germany final so I can spend the week making bicycle jokes.