Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WHY CAN'T THEY BE LIKE WE WERE, IMPERFECT IN EVERY WAY?  According to the Centers for Disease Control, today's teenagers are smoking less tobacco, drinking less alcohol, having less unprotected sex, getting pregnant less often, and exercising more often than prior generations. (They are, however, smoking more pot.)


  1. But, wait... I though pot was supposed to lead to bad decisions? I'VE SEEN REEFER MADNESS, PEOPLE.

  2. bill.1:11 PM

    As the father of a thirteen year old girl, I approve. Are less revealing clothes due for a comeback?

  3. Joseph Finn2:18 PM

    I actually watched that for the first time last week for the F This Movie Junespoloitation. First half of the movie, I kept thinking, "OK, this isn't so bad, especially since it's basically a church play turned into a film. It's a bit clunky and preachy, but I've seen worse." Then the pot party started and I just lost it.

  4. I attribute everything but the pot to the rise of the internet/social media. I teach high school, and I don't see kids talking about getting together anymore. I hear plenty "Did you see what she posted?" discussions, implying that they're not physically together at all. Less sex, less alcohol, more exercise- these are all symptoms (though not necessarily bad ones) of isolation.

    The pot, I'm guessing, is higher due to increased general acceptance.

  5. Benner8:59 PM

    Kids these days.