Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I AM GROOT:  Todd VanDerWerff criticizes the emotional emptiness of Guardians of the Galaxy:
[M]ost traditional narrative storytelling is about characters changing, or at least revealing more of who they really are. How do we see Quill change over the course of Guardians? What more do we learn about him that we don't already know? And why does he become a man worthy of the title "Guardian of the Galaxy," beyond simple plot logistics? 
This is not to pick overly much on Guardians, which is a ridiculously fun film that very much deserves its title of the summer's biggest domestic hit. It's simply to say that when the film falls short, it falls short on something very basic and primal, which may be what makes it ultimately feel so disposable.

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  1. Jordan9:37 AM

    Spiderman 2 was a decade ago. X2 the year before. A dozen years ago it would sound ridiculous for a critic to question the character development of a COMIC BOOK MOVIE, especially a light hearted one. That's quite a shift in not a particularly long amount of time.