Friday, August 29, 2014

THE FUDGE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD:  Assigning an official dessert to each of the 50 states.


  1. Once again, picking peaches for Georgia is a sign of a lazy list maker. South Carolina produces twice the number of peaches as Georgia and Georgia's top fruit crop is blueberries (though that is fairly recent development).

    Georgia's top, edible, food crops are peanuts and pecans. Based solely on that, I'd give Georgia peanut brittle. However, the correct answer is to snatch pecan pie away from Texas. Texas and pecans is as much a marketing scam as Georgia and Peaches. They often fall third in production behind Georgia and New Mexico. But the biggest reason is that Stuckey's was first opened in Georgia by a pecan farmer and nothing did more to popularize pecans than Stuckey's.

    What to give Texas, then? Frito pie. If we're trafficking in lazy food stereotypes, Texas always gets stuck with chili.

  2. Give Texas the Funnel Cake or the Churro.

  3. Joseph Finn11:51 AM

    Well, it's marginally better than their meat map.

  4. Jordan1:35 PM

    Banana split? I get that the rules ban a Tastykake jawnpiece, so no Chocolate Junior, but wudabout wooderice? Not a brand, and local, for the most part, to PA. And as a former resident of Alaska, Baked Alaska is the laziest part of the list. I don't think it's even served up there. Do something with berries, like akutaq/eskimo ice cream. And Kentucky needs to be Derby Pie, the best of the bourbon deserts. And I know it's not allowed because of branding, but Berger Cookies for Maryland. It's an institution.

  5. bill.2:30 PM

    yep, Baked Alaska is the laziest.