Friday, August 29, 2014

JUST ONE MORE THING:  A reader writes:
I have been torn between guilty and unabashed in loving the MEtv Sunday night airings of Columbo - caught the pilot a month or so ago (though the character had appeared in other places and so was pretty formed, though Falk looked so young and less rumpled) and  since then they've been doing selected episodes - and good ones, ones with either great guest stars or interesting plots.  It's great how they enjoy ripping apart cliches - recently there was a confession triggered by a piece of evidence ridiculously being found in an item that had been moved around a bit and which anyway had only the slightest chance of being there and I was incredulous - in the denouement Columbo admitted he had planted it.  
Anyway, was going to urge you to post next weekend when they air the one with Johnny Cash (directed by Nicholas Colasanto!)   The ads make it clear I am several decades younger than the target market, but oh so good. 

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