Sunday, August 24, 2014

TIMBITS FOR EVERYONE!  Reports suggest that Burger King is in talks to purchase Tim Horton's.


  1. Sophietje10:32 AM

    They only way this could be good is if it means I could order a double double (with Tim Horton's coffee- not BK crap) across the country.

  2. Eric J.10:41 AM

    Robin Sparkles had no comment on the matter.

  3. Adam B.7:24 PM

    Interesting that the firms would maintain separate operations; if I'm BK, promoting quality donuts would be a great way to compete with the Arches in the morning.

  4. Adam C.12:47 AM

    Maintaining separate operations wouldn't necessarily rule out synergistic cross-promotion (e.g., TH donuts on the BK menu), would it? Can't read the paywalled WSJ piece, so apologies if they address this.

    Relatedly, just got back from a short family trip to Boston. They still have a Dunkin Donuts on every damn block.

  5. I suspect an element of the separate operations plan relates to Canadian legal review--I believe they have a board that can review M&A activity and veto unilaterally. Because Tim Hortons is so essential to Canadian-ness, I can see public stir on "American-ization."

  6. Benner2:07 PM

    What's more Canadian than naming a chain of donut shops after a hockey player who was killed in a DUI accident?

  7. D'Arcy11:14 PM

    Tim Hortons was started by Tim Horton, not named for him after his death. He played back in the days when hockey players didn't make an obscene amount of money and needed another job in the off season.