Sunday, August 3, 2014

THE HONESTY'S TOO MUCH:  If there's one place that lies uncomfortable in the heretofore unknown intersection between this blog's loves and hates, it's random Canada-bashing ... but in slideshow form.  But if you can stomach it, this HuffPo list of Fifty Worst Canadian Songs Ever is worth your time because #10 is Alanis Morissette's pre-Jagged "Too Hot," which as the description confirms is truly a lost Robin Sparkles masterpiece.  Also, "Sometimes When We Touch" is only in second place, because Nickelback.


  1. Roger4:32 PM

    They lost me when Früvous showed up.

  2. Joseph Finn5:19 PM

    Same here, Roger. Also, that's not an especially bad Rush song.

  3. Watts1:19 PM

    True story: When that Dan Hill song came on the radio a few months back while I was driving to work, I turned it up and started belting along. I even rolled down my windows so everybody around me could enjoy it too.

    Suck it, HuffPo.

  4. Benner1:47 PM

    No Gordon Lightfoot? "As long verses go, it was longer than most . . ."

    The other criticism -- and this will be the only time I will ver say this -- French Canadian rap was underrepresented.

    The greatest Canadian song remains "Penalty Box," By Dave "The Hammer" Schultz.

  5. D'Arcy6:47 PM

    I didn't think much of the list to begin with. Then I looked at their "100 Greatest Canadian Songs" and it included Call Me Maybe. I'm done.

  6. No love or hate for this song? Sad. It doesn't deserve to be ignored.