Thursday, October 16, 2014

SAVING YOU A FEW BUCKS: Did you want to know what the ludicrous supernatural/romantic twist is in the new Nicholas Sparks movie out tomorrow?  The Dissolve has you covered, and while it's no "Secret Ghost Mom," it's still pretty schmaltzy.


  1. Joseph Finn12:43 PM

    I got exhausted trying to unpackage all of that. Jeeeeeez, does every Sparks movie have this convoluted of a plot?

  2. Andrew2:38 PM

    I was hoping for Secret Ghost Momcop/Copmom. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  3. Adam B.3:29 PM

    Nothing beats Secret Dwarf Hooker.

  4. Jordan5:13 PM

    I've never seen Nicholas Sparks movie, and he's not a director, so why can I tell a Nicholas Sparks movie by the commercial?

  5. bellawilfer5:54 PM

    Order of awesomeness:
    1. Secret Dwarf Hooker
    2. Momcop/copmom (I mean, it has a THEME SONG!)
    3. Ghost Mom Robin Sparkles
    (huge gap)
    10000. This one.

  6. Adam C.6:16 PM

    It's like Sparks movies are the new Shyamalan movies, except that I have never wanted to see any of them and never have, so I have neither positive associations nor regrets for having spent the time watching.

  7. We're still working on a catchy theme song for "Secret Dwarf Hooker."

  8. Joseph Finn6:57 PM

    Nope. Still the greatest Gawjer article ever.

  9. bill.6:59 PM

    One Sexy Dwarf and 200 "O" Faces, by Ben Folds 69?