Monday, February 24, 2003

"PRESERVING YOUR HONOUR SINCE 2002": How does an Ivy League school protect its students from dastardly motor oil attacks?

By forming the Princeton Dueling Society, of course:
The mission of the Princeton Dueling Society is to preserve the thin fabric of civility that unites and defines the well-bred young men and women of Princeton. Too often, conflicts are settled in the most uncouth manner: fisticuffs, poison, and other dastardly methods are not uncommon. The Princeton Dueling Society offers a forum for settling disputes in a civilized manner, with terms agreed upon by both parties. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in an honourable manner and to accept the outcome of the duel as conclusive. Once a person has demanded satisfaction and been met on the field of honour, his honour and the honour of his opponent is beyond contestation.

Read more about the Society here.

credit to Jen for alerting me to this item.

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