Thursday, December 29, 2005

I HAVE CONQUERED GAUL; I HAVE DEFEATED POMPEY MAGNUS. I THINK I CAN HANDLE A SMALL BOY AND A EUNUCH: In additional ceremonies prior to broadcast hosted by Khrystyne Haje (1986 ALOTT5MA winner for TV Babe Of The Year), three ALOTT5MA awards were presented to HBO's Rome: Fictional Journalist of the Year (non-Daily Show division) for the jolly town crier, Oddest Yet Funniest Take Of A Historical Figure for portraying Cleopatra as a nascent crack whore, and the It's Not Just TV, It's HBO Award for best exploitation of the relaxed broadcast standards of pay cable (the award itself is a gold-plated statue of Vern Schillinger from Oz) goes to the brutal gladiator fight at the end of episode 1.11, "The Spoils", which TWoP recaps in graphic detail.

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