Wednesday, May 28, 2014

STEFON PRESENTS THE 2014 WRITTEN ROUND: The kids had to spell these words -- honestly, an easier list than most years, and one which I'm guessing yielded a decent number of very high scores**:
uh-SID-you-uhs: It's kind of like that thing where you really pay attention to detail.
KLAIR-voy-uns: It's kind of like that thing where you already knew you had spelled this correctly.
ek-oh-TURE-iz-uhm: It's kind of like that thing where you take three planes to fly to Belize, but you let your towels air-dry instead of let the hotel maids replace them daily, and on the way back start looking in the Skymall magazine to see if there's a thing about buying carbon offset credits.
FAHR-suh-kuhl: It's kind of like The Birdcage.
LORE-uhs: It's kind of like a cute monkey.
muh-JELL-uhn: It's like that guy who kept sailing West without having a Garmin GPS.
meh-tuh-TAHR-suhl: It's that thing, where, if you're a football player, it can break.
pro-FUHN-duh-tee: Something you can't find on this blog.
ree-tehn-OO-toe: It's kind of like that thing where the conductor slows down the tempo.
sar-GAH-so: It's kinda of like seaweed, or that book they made into a movie that I didn't read or see.
tam-buh-REE-toe: It's kind of like a Panamanian dance.
vwah-LAH! When they reveal the answer.
The vocab rounds included being able to understand in context the following words: abrogate, beaucoup, calumny, eccentric, inscrutable, manifold, oblique, phlebotomy, rongeur, sybaritic, trenchant, and vicissitude. Each speller also was assigned two unique words (here and here) as part of the vocab quiz, and you can see how they did.

** Yep. 28 was the cutoff -- in other words, no more than two errors, plus the speller had to be perfect on the two unique words.


  1. Marsha5:27 PM

    They sure made us wait for Vanya and Sriram, didn't they?

  2. Adam B.5:36 PM

    A little bit. I'll open the pool at 8pm, I think, and tentatively I'm thinking the rule will be no more than one 4th-or-5th-yr eligible.

  3. Amber Born5:38 PM

    How many point was the test out of? I thought it was out of 36, but that would allow for 8 errors, which can't be right. Were unique vocabulary and spelling words each worth three points like they were last year?

  4. Adam B.6:00 PM

    Here's the Rules; I think I had it right above.

  5. The Pathetic Earthling6:15 PM

    Magellan? I didn't recall that they used proper nouns.

  6. BeeFan6:17 PM

    It must be short for "am I gellin'?"

    No, wait, that was the sentence for the word.

  7. I have my eye on Jae to do big things one of these years.

  8. BeeFan6:43 PM

    Baie dankie! (just practicing my Afrikaans ...)

  9. Bobby6:46 PM

    Sounds like a pretty good rule for the contest, otherwise whoever types in "Vanya and Sriram" first gets a massive advantage over the field

  10. Adam B.6:49 PM

    We always have restrictions like this when there's a lot of long-time veterans competing on Thursday.

  11. Also, I wanted to say that the definition of ecotourism made me guffaw heartily.