Monday, June 2, 2014

KENNY G'S REVENGE:  When did the weird lopping sax become so popular in pop music?   You can arguably chart its return to last year's "Thrift Shop," and this summer, we've got two big songs built around a looping sax hook--Jason DeRulo's "Talk Dirty" and Ariana Grande's "Problem."


  1. Adam B.4:15 PM

    I did not realize that Derulo did not use an umlaut in his name, but only that his first album was titled Jason Derülo.

  2. Jordan4:57 PM

    When people making the music grew up a hero like this:

  3. Adam C.6:07 PM

    Clarence Clemons on several tracks on Lady Gaga's Born This Way (2011)?

  4. D'Arcy10:45 PM

    And yet the video for Talk Dirty (to which I was subjected while working out in a hotel fitness room) shows a man playing trumpet.