Thursday, October 9, 2014

MR. VICE PRESIDENT, YOU STILL HAVE A MINUTE-TWENTY: There is nothing but sadness to convey upon hearing the news that Jan Hooks has passed away from a long illness at age 57. She was, as Alan Sepinwall properly notes, one of the best "glue" performers on the show, lacking breakout characters herself but ridiculously versatile as a straight man, celebrity-of-the-week, or whatever else was needed. Watch her against Jon Lovitz's Devil on "The People's Court" -- her delivery "I am a barfly" is just perfect. Or, gosh, her Sinead O'Connor versus Hartman's Sinatra, Bette Davis' video will, any many more.


  1. I was always surprised Jan Hooks wasn't more successful. I'm sorry she died. She seemed like a good person and she certainly was a gifted comedienne.

  2. Adam C.9:23 AM

    "There's no basement in the Alamo!" RIP, Jan.

  3. Adam C.9:27 AM

    Also, the last two lines of the Bette Davis sketch couldn't be more appropriate now.