Tuesday, May 4, 2004

AI'GHT: I'm a sucker for Big Band night on American Idol -- Kelly Clarkson's performance of "Stuff Like That There" from season one still stands out for me as the best performance in the three-year history of the series. And tonight . . . was good.

They're at an interesting point this season, because there are no bad singers left -- unlike season one (Nikki) and two (Gracin), everyone left in the round of five is at least consistent and competent, and no one sang badly tonight.

I thought La Toya shone, especially on "Don't Rain On My Parade". It was odd for me -- I kept hearing Barbra Streisand's immaculately crisp phrasing in the back of my head, but it didn't make me think any less of tonight's performance. Her personality carried her through.

On the rest, my feelings haven't changed much. The D.I.A.N.A. bot is competent but soulless; George Huff gets by more on charisma than chops, mellifluous though he may be; Disney's Jasmine Trias (tm - TWoP) bores the heck out of me; and Fantasia, dawg, Fantasia's still my girl, even if La Toya was better tonight.

But no one was bad. So it's up to that "democracy" thing to sort this sucker out.

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