Wednesday, May 5, 2004

STILL NO WORD FROM JIM VERRAROS: I'm not a big AI fan, but I am a theatre geek. (Yes, there are heterosexual male theatre geeks out there.) So I feel compelled to note Playbill's report that AI contestant Vanessa Olivarez will be playing the lead in the Toronto production of the hysterical Hairspray. I know Adam has suggested that Clay should just go on ahead and play Mark in "Rent" rather than deal with his "real career," but what other "stars" do you want to see on stage?

However, even John Stevens as "The Beast" in Beauty and the Beast may well be better than "Prymate," the play that opens tonight on Broadway (the last opening of the season), which has been playing to less than 10% of capacity so far, and, according to Newsday, features the best gorilla orgasm sound ever heard on Broadway. I'm wondering what the second best one is. Any suggestions?

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