Tuesday, May 4, 2004

ONLY FIFTY YEARS AFTER BROWN V. BOARD OF ED.: Word came in over the transom this morning that Cracker Barrel had settled outstanding claims of widespread discrimination against it filed on behalf of black diners in about 50 locations, on charges similar to the infamous Denny's "Now Serving Black People, Because The Courts Say We Have To" (tm - Wife) lawsuits.

According to a company spokesperson, the settlement "moves Cracker Barrel forward in a direction we were already moving."

Yes, that's right, they were working on it. Equal treatment of paying customers was a long-term goal of theirs, and they were headed in that direction, trying to be a little less racist every day. But they've had a lot of priorities, rolling out their new line of Fancy Fixins and all, so they were happy to have this little reminder from the DOJ to move up this 'action item' on the agenda.

The good news is that they now expect to remove the separate drinking fountains by late 2006, not the originally-planned 2010. Yippee!

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