Thursday, May 6, 2004

MORE, OR LESS, SHAMEFUL THAN BUYING THE NEW ISSUE OF PLAYBOY: Bored and looking for reading material, yes, I actually picked up a copy of Us (aka "The Magazine For Those Who Think Entertainment Weekly Has Too Many Words"), with its provocative cover story on "Teens Gone Wild!" and a provocative look at the weighty question on everyone's mind: "Is Mary-Kate Too Skinny?" And if you ever wanted to know what Rachel Bilson's favorite things are, we get a two-page spread on that question. I attempted to make up for my sin by also purchasing the new issue of The New Republic--the bran muffin of magazines--the one you don't read because you really want to, but because you really feel like you ought to, and it's filling. Yet, somehow, I feel compelled to expiate my sins here.

And, oh, yeah, there was a series of pictures of Cameron Diaz shooting some movie down in Florida. Might be of interest to some folks.

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