Saturday, July 17, 2004

I'M ASKING AMERICA -- WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? Prof. Althouse reports on a change in store for the next American Idol season, raising the maximum age from 24 to 26.

While that all well and good, I again echo her suggestion that the minimum age is the one needing raising. As a contest, if the judges are going to keep complaining that competitors lack the maturity to handle the emotions in the songs, you either have to change the songs to match the singers or change the singers to match the songs.

That said, as television program, the Will Diana Make The Leap and Find Her Zone? stuff makes for good ongoing narrative. (It also has to help attract the teen and pre-teen demographics, who can more easily relate to the competitors.)

Still, when I'm King of Reality TV, the teenyboppers are gone, though I'd love to see one of these younger pairs (John Stevens/Camille Velasco) try to make it to one pitstop on The Amazing Race.

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