Saturday, July 17, 2004

ONE MONTH TO GO: Y'all should be warned, and perhaps not surprised: I'm an Olympics fan. Yes, the Games can be weird, ridiculously self-important and corrupt, but the amount of drama generated in two weeks is tough to match.

Two items of note: first off, this year's mascots, Athena and Phevos, have been unveiled. Says the website:
Through their laughter, their lively presence, their freedom of movement and their will to cooperate and stay united, Phevos and Athena will be with us from now on to express with enthusiasm and optimism our will to be united and to share the joy of the greatest celebration of humanity: the Olympic Games.

Did I mention self-important? It's unclear whether P&A will make us forget about Whatizit (warning: scarily comprehensive site) or The Snow Imp "Magique", but we've got a month to find out.

Second is a question about the Opening Ceremonies: given that the Greek athletes traditionally enter first -- as the originators of the Games -- but that the host country's athletes traditionally enter last, when will they enter this year?

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