Tuesday, July 13, 2004

WELL, SINCE THE PROCEEDS DO GO TO A GOOD CAUSE: Heiress, socialite, reality TV star, and generally overexposed individual Paris Hilton has made the announcement that she's settled her suit with ex-boyfriend/smut purveyor (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) Rick Salomon over the infamous tape titled "One Night In Paris." More amusingly, she's proclaimed that funds will go to "worthy charities." I assume these "charities" do not include "The Paris Hilton Foundation For Skank Prevention." Of course, Hilton's success at becoming rapidly overexposed has led to other tapes, including one from "Survivor" Jenna Lewis. I suppose it's a better fate than what happened to "Survivor" and schoolteacher Gretchen Cordy, who merits a brief mention in the pages of "Esquire" this month--having served as a taste-tester for their "what does it taste like?" feature. Sadly, Cordy gets less play than the large photo which answers yet another burning question--"What does it look like inside Carmen Electra's panty drawer?"

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