Saturday, July 17, 2004

THE SUN STILL SHINES IN THE SUMMERTIME:  Saw Fountains of Wayne last night at the WXPN Singer-Songwriter Weekend.   A good night of pop music, as they played almost everything off Welcome Interstate Managers and seemed to be fun doing it.  Surely, they're the best thing ever to emerge from the dark place
(Okay, maybe it's directors John Sayles or John Frankheimer.)
Anyway, weird thing about the show, and maybe it's just me, but when a song like "Stacy's Mom" starts playing, isn't is sorta incumbent on people to stand up, dance, sing along and clap along?  Instead, this yuppie-leaning crowd kinda enjoyed the whole show passively, and it was odd.  A decade ago, wouldn't there have been at least a large group of people pogoing in the front?

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