Thursday, March 31, 2005

HEY! ANYONE HAVE THE NUMBER FOR THAT LEIBOWITZ KID WHO MAKES WITH THE FUNNY ON THE CABLE CHANNEL? ABC News has announced that Ted Koppel is leaving both Nightline and the network come December.

Your suggestions for what is to be done with the slot (replace Nightline with another host? move Kimmel a half-hour earlier? bring in someone else?) are welcome.

This does, however, make more apparent the wisdom of NBC which, back in September, locked up Conan O'Brien to a long-term deal before his contract expired in January 2006.

edited to add: Bill Carter checks in. Names mentioned include Jon Stewart (uninterested and unavailable), Ellen Degeneres (may be unavailable), Matthew Perry ("He was genuinely interested [in taking the post-Letterman slot], though he was concerned about how it might affect his film career"), David Duchovny (same), Jimmy Kimmel ("His show has been producing steady but unspectacular audiences, and continues to lose money for ABC"), and Ray Romano.

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