Thursday, March 31, 2005

IT'S OVER; NOBODY LISTENS TO TECHNO: Delivering the harshest diss he's received since Eminem sent Obie Trice to stomp on him, Kelefa Sanneh confronts the new Moby disc today:
This music isn't just dull, though. Like much of what Moby has produced since 'Play,' it's condescending, too. Much of it sounds like the work of a producer who thinks pop music is supposed to be kind of idiotic, and who thinks pop audiences should be glad that he deigns to give us what we want. Do we like sex? O.K., here's 'I Like It,' four singularly unpleasant minutes of heavy breathing. Do we like songs about how the world is happy and sad and good and bad? O.K., here's 'Slipping Away,' with a wispy beat and Moby crooning, 'Open to everything, happy and sad/Seeing the good when it's all going . . .' - you can finish the couplets yourself.

He's still got his restaurant business as a fall-back.

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