Thursday, March 31, 2005

YOU FORGOT THE SCENE IN STAR TREK V WHERE YOU CAN SEE SHATNER COUNTING THE MONEY IN HIS HEAD: The Onion AV Club presents a list of 15 bad scenes in great movies, and, on the flip side, 15 great scenes in bad movies. How exactly Showgirls made it onto the list of "bad scenes in good movies" while What About Bob? made it onto the list of "good scenes in bad movies" eludes me, but the lists are still worth your time. (For the record, I think Showgirls is a horrendous, horrendous movie, while What About Bob? is servicable, if formulaic.) A suggestion for a substitution--while I've never seen The Country Bears and can't judge Christopher Walken's level of awesomeness in it, I think the definitive crazyWalken performance may well be in the Rock/Seann William Scott Vehicle The Rundown, in which Walken delivers a lengthy speech comparing his slave labor in South America to "Oompa Loompas." What else is missing, and what else doesn't belong? (And no one should quibble with the single awesome scene in Deep Blue Sea that easily makes the list--described simply in the article as "Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by a m***********g shark.")

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