Thursday, May 5, 2005

THE FIGHTING MEN OF THE 303: Perhaps this has already been blogged here, but if you aren't reading the Manolo Shoe Blog, you aren't reading some of the finest work on the 'net, including this comment about the runaway bride:

This it is not to say that the big wedding it is in itself bad, but rather it is to say that for the bride who demands the perfect day of the wedding, to the point of either inciting the hatred of those around them, or to the point of wanting to runaway and leave the poor parents thinking she has been murdered, something it is wrong.

The wedding day it is to be the day of joy, and its approach should be greeted with the gladness and the earnest longing for its arrival. If the planning of the wedding has become the ordeal to be endured one must step back and reconsider the necessity of the fourteen maids of the brides.

Also, plenty of talk about shoes.

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