Tuesday, May 3, 2005

IT'S! THE! A-MAZ-ING RACE! YOU'VE! GOT! TO! FOLLOW CLUES! I'm going to be out playing Quizzo tonight, so feel free to use this as your weekly Amazing Race open thread.

(Okay, but I have to add this: I love that in the Istanbul Airport, Rahb and Ambuh were pretty clearly using the not-spending-millions-to-advertise-on-the-show travel website to book their travel. I have no idea as of the time of this posting whether or not it bites them in the ass.)

updated: There ought to be some good debate about the use of the Yield in this episode, since I don't think anyone could have reasonably expected to work out this way. Otherwise, some Darn Good Racing by one team (even if the logic behind it was wrong -- risk-taking is for the last stage only, IMHO), and more whining by Gretchen while Meredith proves himself more admirable.

By the way, any thoughts on this not-going-around-the-world course? Kinda interesting. I had thought in the past about a course that stayed in the Americas -- down through Central America, down the Andes to Tierra del Fuego, then up the Atlantic Coast and through the Caribbean Islands and Maritime Provinces until ending back in States. But this'll be interesting -- does racing in this direction cause more potential for Killer Fatigue?

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