Tuesday, May 31, 2005

FROM THIS TINY MALAYSIAN FISHING VILLAGE, THESE SIXTEEN AMERICANS ARE BEGINNING THE VOYAGE OF A LIFETIME: With those words, five years ago tonight, Jeff Probst opened the first episode of the first season of Survivor. Newsday's Verne Gay tries to explain What It All Means.

Relive the day with Tim Goodman's 6/1/00 prescient, gushing review of that debut or the six-page (that's it?) TWoP recap ("The narrator, who looks like The Professor, appears again and shows us the teams' treemail. I feel inferior in light of such crafty wordplay. His name, we are told, is Jeff Probst, as if we care.")

Seriously, folks, hasn't Mark Burnett made your life better?

edited to add: Lisa de Moraes' original review, where, for once, she erred, calling it a "voyeur show" ("think "Gilligan's Island" produced by George Orwell") and underestimating it as "merely means to an end -- hawking new fall shows to younger crowds."

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