Wednesday, June 1, 2005

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT I CAN'T SHAKE; BABY, I'M UNDER YOUR SPELL: Looks like we've got some company on the blogosphere. Visit . . . link deleted -- we've overwhelmed what was supposed to be a private site. -ab

Here's what we'll do: after round four is over today, I'll set up a Pick A Winner Thread starting at 7pm eastern tonight. Every user of this site gets one selection of the remaining competitors, first-come, first-served. Winner gets fame and glory forever.

And, boom, Round 4 is underway, and bodies are hitting the floor. Sure, you may wear LAY-duhr-ho-zen or play the GLOK-uhn-speel, but how about ih-DUHL-kuh-rait, meaning, "to sweeten".

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