Wednesday, June 1, 2005

TALE AS OLD AS TIME, SONG AS OLD AS RHYME: OK, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of Beauty and the Geek, but it's shockingly well-natured and emminently quotable. Both the "beauties" (gorgeous, but dumb as rocks) and the "geeks" (who range from the traditional nerd to the guy who's the VP of the Dukes of Hazard fan club) are perfectly cast and interesting people. The one thing I might change? The elimination structure, which is more than a little unwieldy, could be simplified. (Or better still, eliminated altogether--at the start, they claim it's a "social experiment," and the eliminations and prizes undermine that--why not give a prize to everyone at the end?) It repeats on Saturday, and if you didn't check it out tonight, it's worth a viewing. (And despite Ashton Kutcher's involvement as an executive producer, neither his visage nor that of Demi Moore is visible.) It's a winner for the WB--far more Gilmore Girls than Punk'd.

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