Tuesday, July 12, 2005

PIE UP IN THE SKY: Earvolution chooses the Twenty Most Underrated Rock Alblums, defining underrated as "a record that discerning musical fans should have in their collection but for some reason the majority of them don’t." I'll agree on The Harder They Come soundtrack, which is in my all-time top 5 albums, and the Ted Hawkins album is awesome, too. I still regret not seeing him when he passed through Chicago months before he died. His cover of CCR's "Long as I Can See the Light" should be on any list of the best covers. For the price of the used CD at Amazon, you cannot go wrong. And Pete Townshend's White City was in constant rotation on my roommates CD player freshman year at the U of M, back in the days when there was an anti-Apartheid shanty in the Diag not too far from a convenience store called White Market. But Dream of the Blue Turtles and Tin Machine?

So, what makes your list as an all-time underrated album? For me, the first Son Volt album would make the list, as would Billy Bragg's Back to Basics, The Silos' CD with the bird on it, The Reivers' End of the Day, and Laura Cantrell's Not the Tremblin' Kind.

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