Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I ONCE WAS LOST BUT NOW AM FOUND: I'm having trouble thinking of anything profound to say regarding this week's Lost. The pace of this season is really very very very slow. Which is fine and all -- any week with a Jin and/or Sun flashback is a good one, regardless of what else happens. This is a show about characters, not about plot, and I am deeply grateful that ABC has not taken the old NBC's-promos-of-ER-approach of declaring "Next Week on an ER that Will Change Their Lives Forever!" every single week (the "In Three Weeks" promo notwithstanding, of course). There is, though, a certain artificiality to the Other Others' refusal to explain what they're so afraid of, which seems pretty clearly intended to draw out this particular plot line for some number of episodes.

A few bulletpoints:
  • I forgot last week that there's a character who annoys me as much, if not more than, Charlie -- Michael.
  • Jin's English seems to have improved exponentially over the last, oh, 24 hours or so.
  • Getting Locke and Mr. Echo together ought to be fun.
  • Legs o' Others (at least, I assume they were the Others, rather than the Other Other Others). Hm.
  • Did anyone ever have any doubt as to where Sun's ring had gone?
  • It seems a little weird that Locke is back to being the Sage Dispenser of Fortune Cookie Platitudes despite the fact that we now know that he doesn't know anything, but his appearances are always a highlight of any non-Lockecentric episode.
  • The actual Sun / Jin meeting was rather sweet, no?

To preempt what I suspect will be a recurring question: I believe that Jin's comment to Michael at the waterfall was "you'll find Walt." If anyone disagrees, speak up.

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