Tuesday, October 18, 2005

STOP CRYING! Between Stassi and the Schroeders, Christine of the Housewives and the entire Weaver clan, this was a tear-filled, suck-filled leg of The Less-Amazing-By-The-Week Family Trek Around America.

The Talladega task was reprehensibly tasteless; the "find Les at [our advertiser]" task reprehensibly tacky.

I will say this about the "play" detour: the only way all four people on your team are likely to beat the dealer at blackjack is if the dealer busts. So, quickly, everyone should stand on every hand, and just see if the dealer busts. It's the most efficient way to win.

(That said, why do a task you have to canoe to rather than one that's right in front of you?)

Grr. Worst. Season. Evir.

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