Saturday, October 22, 2005

WORTHY CCAUSE ALERT: In order to secure continued status as a tax exempt organization The Creative Commons is in the midst of it's First Annual Fall Fundraising Drive. These are the fine folks that bring you CCMixter and the flexible licensing scheme that is slowly working to free up media (just a little) from the lowest-common-denominator whims of money and marketing.

If you're wondering "what's in it for me", here are 10 concrete (digital) examples free for immediate download and enjoyment.

If you do not crave such concrescence, but would like an extended theoretical explanation of why the Creative Commons movement is vital and necessary, you might check out Prof. Lessig's book on The Future of Ideas. And if you're thinking "okay, I'm curious but that's more than I really want to read right now", then just hit his blog. (Please, hit his blog!)

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